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AZAHAR Foundation organizes a Peace Camp

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Since 2014, AZAHAR  Foundation organizes a Peace Camp, gathering several managers of NGOs and, beneficiaries,

in a peaceful and quiet place in Cambodia. Our first Peace Camp was in Kampot, south of Cambodia.

Over than 40 people attend the program during 4 days, sharing methodologies, best practices and experiences. Great exchanges happened between beneficiaries and the speakers, about their feelings and their concerns.

This program is meant to be a place where we learn from others, share great times, discover new curriculum/methodologies to build peace.

In March 2015, with the speakers of the Peace Camp, we worked on the AZAHAR  Peace Curriculum that became AZAHAR Peace School in November 2015.

In 2016, the main theme of the Peace Camp was “Women’s Empowerment”. It happened near Phnom Penh, in a place dedicated to peace and enlightenment called Lotus Center, in Takhamo.


yogeswariAZAHAR Foundation organizes a Peace Camp

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