Yogeswari is an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher, based in New York, who teaches around the world. She is known for her vigorous, innovative sequencing and thought-provoking teachings. Yogeswari is a facilitator of Jivamukti teacher trainings. She is the founder and president of AZAHAR Foundation.

THYDA SEK (Country Director)

Thyda Sek was born in Siem Reap, Cambodia and grew up in France. After working as a lobbyist for an American Company in Paris, Thyda decided to leave her life in France to settle in Cambodia and re-establish with her roots. Thyda has worked for almost 6 years with AZAHAR Foundation and is passionnate by her work. She is also a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher since February 2018.

LiVA SIN (Program Director)

Liva is Program Director of AZAHAR Foundation. She starts her volunteer life since she was 13 years old. She has been working in peace building for a decade with non-government organization in Cambodia and her work is starting from the grass roof level to national level and regional. Liva held a Master degree on Education and Planning from Royal University of Phnom Penh.