YOGA Instructor

Ms. VUN Em

Ms. Vun Em has been practicing yoga since 2015 with AZAHAR Foundation, during her participation in Peace Program. She continues to practice Yoga since then. Em completed Yoga Soul Body Fit Teacher Training in 2017, 200 hours, which sponsored by Azahar Foundation. She joint different training of yoga such as Jivamukti, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Fly fit yoga and Hatha Yoga. In her class she always supports/ assists students to strengthen their body and give more the energy, especially increasing the feelings of wellness and relaxation both body and mind.

Mr. KOEM Nith

Mr. Koem Nith has practiced yoga for more than 3 years since 2015. He has experienced in different styles such as Jivamukti Yoga, Astanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow and Fly Fit yoga. He finished Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hours (Yoga Soul Body Fit), from Yoga Alliance UK which was supported by AZAHAR Foundation. Attend his class you will understand more about your amazing body and beautiful mind. If you want to explore your mind and body safely, come to his class and share with him. Don’t hesitate; he is by your side to help you on this journey. Through yoga one can attain real wealth such as health, unity, harmony and inner peace. Enjoy your moment of practicing!

Ms. KAUY Chhayleang

Ms. Kauy Chhayleang is a yoga teacher of AZAHAR Cambodia studio. She has practiced yoga in her early adult and gradually she started to advance her knowledge in yoga by attended Yoga Teacher Training last year with YOGA UK ALLIANCE, which was supported by AZAHAR Foundation. She also has involved in many activities like yoga retreat with Yogeswaris Azahar, who is a worldwide senior Jivamukti Yoga teacher, Peace Program and Relaxation workshop. Now she is teaching mixed level style and relaxation and meditation class at AZAHAR Cambodia studio. Since breathing is the symbol of life you will hear a lots of time in her class, calls out “INHALE, EXALE”. You will fully enjoy, energy, consciousness and start to love yourself more after regular practice with her.“A MIND FREE FROM ALL DISTURBANCES IS YOGA” –Patanjali.

Ms. VAT Sreylin

Ms. Vat Sreylin, 24 years old, a yoga teacher at AZAHAR Foundation. she was born in Kandal province and moved to live in orphanages in 2006, where she met Yogeswari in 2008, president of AZAHAR Foundation. It the first time that she know what’s yoga and know how to chant mantra and start her yoga practice. Sreylin joint Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hrs in 2017, which was supported by AZAHAR Foundation. Now she teaches yoga at AZAHAR Center for Peace Yoga and the Arts in Siem Reap province. Yoga is the connection between people, animals and environment. Namaste!

Ms. KHUN Raty

Ms. Khun Raty is a yoga instructor and also a graphic designer at AZAHAR Cambodia. When she was 13 years old, she took her first wonderful yoga class at orphanage center with Yogeswari, founder of AZAHAR Foundation. Then she practiced yoga every weekend at one Yoga center in Phnom Penh for 4 years, which was supported by Yogeswari. She starts with AZAHAR Foundation again in 2015, in Peace Curriculum Program. She completed 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training that sponsored by AZAHAR Foundation. She is continues professional development in Fly Fit Yoga 38 hours. She really enjoys with the smiling face of people after they join her class. She will show you that your body can do many yoga poses with your awareness and you will enjoy it and make your mind peaceful. Namaste!

Ms. NGET Srey Neang

Ms. Nget Srey Neang, 24 years old. She has been practicing yoga in 2014, follow by daily class practices, immersion workshop, yoga retreats participated and 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training and capacity building on 38 hours of Fly Fit yoga which were supported by AZAHAR Foundation. Her first interest with Yoga practice is about the stress releasing and give benefit such as good health and comfortable.
Enjoy your life with yoga!

Ms. SA Meyyum

Meyyum is 22 years old and just graduated Royal University of Phnom Penh with major of Social Work. She has practiced yoga since 2015 during my participation in Peace Program, which was supported by AZAHAR Foundation. She has completed Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs with YOGA UK ALLIANCE what was supported by AZAHAR Foundation in 2017. She is interested in yoga because it is the best way to keep her healthy both mentally and physically.
Practicing Yoga is also increase peace of mind and body fit. Importantly, yoga can reduce stress when we are tired from work. Yoga is a good thing for all people of all ages and brings us a lot of benefits. Please join me to find your inner peace, and regain the strength of your body!!!

Ms. NON Sreynoch

Ms. Non Sreynoch, 25 years old, certifies yoga teacher at AZAHAR Cambodia studio in Phnom Penh. Her teaching style brings together with the elements of strength, flexibility and balancing, encouraging to her students to break limitation on the mat. She began her yoga practice since 2014 and she found the spiritual and mental benefit from that practice such pranayama, asana and meditation. She realizes and wishes to see everyone to get those benefits as her. She is now a qualifies yoga teacher with 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training, that was supported by AZAHAR Foundation.

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