Peace Camp

It’s a platform where organizations, artists and beneficiaries can meet and share experiences, methodologies, best practices to build PEACE. It’s a place enabling to create a comprehensive leadership program for Khmer youth, using yoga, meditation, the arts and techniques of non-violent communication, with the goal of tackling contemporary social issues in constructive ways and not repeating the cycles of violence of past generations. Peace Camp is organized yearly with a different theme related to pece building. This year, the theme was Volunteerism, Environmental issues and Inner Peace.

Peace Progam

AZAHAR Foundation organizes a Peace Curriculum in Phnom Penh that is geared towards young people between 16 to 25 years of age. AZAHAR Foundation proposes that this Inner Peace can be reached through the practices of Yoga and Meditation, coupled with creative arts, and supported by specific methodologies of non-violent communication, conflict resolution and youth leadership. Its objective is to awaken interest in a specialization of any of the subjects offered, with the goal for participants to become effective leaders and peacekeepers in their respective communities. The main subjects are Non-Violent Communication, Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, Art Therapy (Dance, Poetry, Circus, Bokator) and Yoga / Meditation.

Yoga and Arts for All

AZAHAR Foundation aims at providing yoga to a wide amount of Cambodian people. Under privilege kids and young people are our main targets but we also provide yoga to adults who are looking for stress relief and well-being.
Yoga for ALL reach people from all over the country, not only in main cities. We work with many partners who are already active in the communities.

Little by little, we are incorporating the arts as another tool to build inner peace.

Cambodian Teachers


Classes Per Week


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Circus Arts Therapy is a therapy tool focusing on circus activities : juggling, acrobatie, pyramid, diabolo, etc. Our program provides a safe, cooperative environment where participants learn fun and circus skills and at the same time, build self-trust and self-esteem and trust to the others.



One of the practices of yoga is the practice of asanas. Our Cambodian certified yoga teachers will teach you how to practice your asanas in the correct way. The asanas are supported by your deep breath. Practicing asanas will help you to release stress, build long muscles, focus and find your inner peace. During the class, you will re-connect with yourself.

Fly Yoga

Fly Yoga

A fitness class using yoga swing equipment for a full body conditioning workout.


Hip Hop dance refers to street dance. Our teachers will teach you the basics of hip hop dance with some Khmer dance influence. A lot of fun and sweat ! when you copy past, please don't put the word "dance".


Bokator is an ancient Khmer martial art that is said to be over a thousand years old. It was created by a Khmer king in the 12th century. In the old days, it was used as a fighting technique in war.Now, it is a part of Cambodia’s history and tradition. You will learn how to stay fit, protect yourself, stay calm under pressure, distress, and connect your body and mind.



Every year, we organise a Jivamukti Immersion with Yogeswari, the founder of AZAHAR Foundation. The Immersion is generally offered as an intensive weekend course at a Yoga Center Immersions are an all-day event, including Asana practice & practicals, meditation practice, chanting, Pranayama, lectures and Satsang.



Workshops are organized in our space regularly, with yoga teachers coming from outside or with our own yoga teachers. We usually teach the week end classes according to the focus, for example, "Backbend", "Inversion", "Assist" or "Basics".

Vegan Food

Vegan Food

Mahob Buos Vegan Restuarant is another AZAHAR Foundation social business, which is actually a vegan canteen that provides tasty Cambodian vegan food, in the city of Angkor Temple, Siem Reap. The income generated is used to support our community projects « Yoga and Vegan food for Kids ».

Our Spaces

Our Spaces

AZAHAR Foundation Center for Peace, Yoga and the Arts is a social business that provide regular yoga classes, classes in various art forms and workshops in different peace building methodologies. Income generated from these activities will support the non-profit thrust of AZAHAR Foundation to expose a maximum number of young people to the teachings and methodologies of peace and to nurture hidden talents and aspirations in any of the disciplines mentioned above. We have two centers, one in Phnom Penh, one in Siem Reap.

The Executive Direction

Yogeswari Founder

YOGESWARI is an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher, based in New York, who teaches around the world. She is known for her vigorous, innovative sequencing and thought-provoking teachings. Yogeswari is a facilitator of Jivamukti teacher trainings. She is the founder and president of AZAHAR Foundation

Thyda Sek Country Director

Thyda SEK was born in Siem Reap, Cambodia and grew up in France. After working as a lobbyist for an American Company in Paris, Thyda decided to leave her life in France to settle in Cambodia and re-establish with her roots. Thyda has worked for almost 6 years with AZAHAR Foundation and is passionnate by her work. She is also a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher since February 2018.

Liva Sin Program Director

Liva is Program Director of AZAHAR Foundation. She starts her volunteer life since she was 13 years old. She has been working in peace building for a decade with non-government organization in Cambodia and her work is starting from the grass roof level to national level and regional. Liva held a Master degree on Education and Planning from Royal University of Phnom Penh.

TES Sophanith Accounting Manager

TES Sophanith was born at KampongCham's Memot District. In 2009, I had graduated Master Degree in Finance Accounting field at National University of Management (NUM). I experienced working for the private company and organizations such as Club Holiday, CWCC, NCDD & ODC since my 2005 university graduation. On 01 September 2019, I started working for AZAHAR Cambodia as Finance and Admin Manager.