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Share your expertise with AZAHAR Foundation as a volunteer to help promote a culture of peace through our volunteer appointments.  Our volunteers are the life and heart of our foundation. We are proud to have an international network of volunteers based the US, UK, Switzerland, Cambodia, Rwanda, Italy and beyond.  

We’d love to talk to you about volunteer opportunities with AZAHAR Foundation. All of our roles can be performed remotely, online. We are interested in recruiting volunteers with expertise in group facilitation, marketing, human resource management, graphic design, yoga and arts related training.   

Join our team of peacemakers and share your talents and expertise with the our stakeholders. You can work in six different capacities:

  1. Facilitation: Do you have experience putting together training resources, designing and facilitating workshops, training trainers?  
  2. Marketing: Do you have experience developing marketing plans and digital marketing strategies?  Do you have experience with community management?
  3. Human Resources Management: Are you adept in human resource processes and procedures? 
  4. Graphic Design: Do you possess skills in developing visual products aligned with branding guidelines for organizations?   
  5. Yoga and Arts Training: Are you a yoga or arts teacher? Have you facilitated the learning journey of others? Are you interested in exposing your community of students to AZAHAR Foundation’s methods?
  6. Programs: Do you have experience designing, implementing and/or monitoring and evaluating programs in the non-profit sector?

All new volunteers are provided the appropriate guidance related to the required scope of work to fulfill their roles effectively.  If you are interested in supporting our work, reach out to AZAHAR Foundation today!

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