AZAHAR Foundation’s Programs are structured in order to develop a culture of peace in post-conflict societies. Our contribution is deeply rooted in education, using creative methodologies that promote peacebuilding at an individual and community level. We contribute to empowering the victims of violence to heal so that they can facilitate the healing of communities and societies at large.

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Target audience: Children and adolescents (3–18 years of age).

The program introduces diverse transformational disciplines to children and adolescents in a playful and safe context. These disciplines expose them to a somatic experience that addresses the deeply rooted trauma lodged in their bodies. In turn, they awaken hidden talents and are shown pathways towards vocational development in these fields.

→  Most young people from vulnerable communities will only be motivated to join programs when free food is involved, providing them with food is crucial to ensuring their continued participation.

→  The meals are vegan, as the yogic diet is the most compassionate and effective one to combat structural violence and to combat climate change and world hunger.

Target audience: Young adults (16–25 years of age).

Tier 1: Peace Camps
Through Peace Camps, young adults address contemporary social issues in constructive and creative ways. During retreats, beneficiaries share experiences and best practices that contribute to peacemaking. The methodologies used to facilitate an individual and collective experience are non-violent communication, yoga, meditation and arts. These gatherings enable youth to develop basic introspection, communication and engagement tools to integrate peacemaking practices and methodologies into their daily activities.

Tier 2: Peace Facilitator Intensive
The Peace Facilitator Intensive curriculum is geared towards peace camp graduates who want to deepen the experiences and dedicate themselves to intensive vocational training as peace facilitators. This intensive offers participants the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and provides them with specialized tools and methodologies to facilitate peace-making. Through this intensive track, young adults become transformational beacons of peace within their communities. The main subjects covered are Non-Violent Communication, Authentic Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, Art Therapy (Dance, Poetry, Circus, Bokantor) and Yoga / Meditation. The Peace Facilitator Curriculum also provides participants with a pathway to professional training.


Target audience: Young adult graduates from Creative Facilitation for Peace program (16–25 years of age).

As a pathway to professional training, AZAHAR Foundation provides yoga teacher trainings through local training programs. Outstanding and committed participants are then invited to teach at the AZAHAR yoga studios or within the community wellness programs to generate revenue streams for their livelihoods.
AZAHAR Cambodia has recently become a Jivamukti Yoga® Affiliate studio, specializing in the Jivamukti method through yoga, meditation and spiritual activism. AZAHAR Foundation is also continuously westablishing partnership with local and international schools, universities, NGOs and foundations to further arts and peacebuilding.


Target audience: Adults from conflict and post-conflict contexts (18 years and older), graduates from Intensive Peace Facilitator program or Yoga Teacher Training program.

International training and cultural exchanges are an effective means to promote tolerance and respect within the global community and expose participants from developing countries to high quality teachings and standards, particularly in relation to healing practices.  Every year AZAHAR Cambodia selects and sponsors scholarship recipients to earn an international accreditation that elevates their standard of teaching and peace facilitation skills.
AZAHAR Foundation, in partnership with Jivamukti Yoga® has offered international scholarship awards to yoga teachers from Colombia, Lebanon, Cambodia, Rwanda, Ivory Coast and Syria for participation in the international 300HR Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training.
Additionally, the international cultural ex-changes have allowed facilitator participants across diversified disciplines to improve their peace facilitation skills and share the impact of the methodologies they utilize within their local contexts and thus, contribute to a systemic shift in the paradigm of traditional peacemaking.


Target audience: Adult (25 years and older) graduates from Yoga Teacher Training program.

AZAHAR’s Yoga studios provide an opportunity for peace facilitators and yoga teachers to improve their livelihoods by generating revenue through teaching opportunities. AZAHAR Cambodia currently manages the studio marketing, teaching schedule, studio maintenance and provides continued education to its teachers and facilitators.
The yoga studios develop awareness amongst their communities about the existing methodologies and practices that inherently contribute to individual healing and peace. This, in turn, enhances the community social capital and provides opportunities for social and economic development.


Target audience:Adult (25 years and older) graduates from Intensive Peace Facilitator program or Yoga Teacher Training program.

The Community Wellness Program is service through which AZAHAR Foundation develops communication for update by delivering a message of peace, conflict resolution, healing, tolerance, respect and non-violence to businesses, NGOs and peers within the communities it serves. Peace facilitators provide a structured approach, methodology and resources that enhance stakeholder wellness and social justice, thereby continuing to promote a culture of peace and improving the conditions of stakeholders within different sectors, while generating a revenue stream for yoga teachers and peace facilitators.


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