2022 Goals

2022 GOALS



→  Advance our cause to engage supporters and stakeholders around our timely and urgent quest for peace, trough healing, education and sustainability in our target communities.

→  Effectively communicate the attributes, values and strategy of AZAHAR Foundation, highlighting its impact, target communities and innovative approaches.

→  Informative bi-monthly newsletters

→  Annual Reports for accountability, con-text and results-based information delivery

→  Website with integrated resources and information about our work

→  Social Media (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) for up-to-date information about events, news and messaging messaging

2022 GOALS



→  Increase our individual donor base by effectively communicating our organizational case for support and our specific appeals.

→  Systematically cultivate and improve in-dividual donor base engagement and stewardship.

→  Diversify our funding sources through grants and private sector partnerships.

2022 GOALS



→  Develop learning from current programs to transfer, scale-up and replicate our frameworks and methodologies.

→  Expand our program partnership with peer organizations and businesses aligned with our mission and vision.

2022 GOALS



→  Develop an operating model and infrastructure that adequately supports our sustainability strategy through streamlined operations and increased fundraising.

→  Integrate tools and resources to enhance Strategy, Governance, Monitoring & Evaluation, Financial Reporting, Fundraising and Communications.