Jenna Butner

Board member 

Jenna is a Physician specializing in addiction medicine (opioid use disorder), HIV & Hepatitis C, and palliative care. She is passionate about treating marginalized and stigmatized populations, and is a fierce advocate for harm reduction and patients with comorbid substance use disorders and mental health conditions.

Yoga came into Jenna’s life while she was a medical trainee, and she has been appreciative for the mind-body-spiritual aspect of it ever since. She has done a 200-hour Ashtanga-based Training in New York in 2017, and a 300-hour Jivamukti training in India in early 2020. She has additional certifications in domestic violence, trauma-informed yoga, and yoga for 12-step recovery. 

Being on the board of AZAHAR has been a dream come true, coalescing her drive to bring yoga and healing to populations with mental health and substance use disorders as sequelae of trauma. She is so grateful for this opportunity to work with the Cambodian and Rwandan people, and for the continued inspirations and teachings from Yogeswari.