Laura Schurr

Board member 

For Laura, Yoga goes far beyond the physical asana practice. To her, it is a place where — like her mentor, Clare Nicholls, beautifully says — you have nothing to do, no one to be, and nowhere to go. Laura credits Yoga with helping with anxiety, supporting her after the unexpected loss of her father, and nurturing her when she had to learn to let go.

When Laura took her first Jivamukti Yoga class, she was inspired by how the method encourages its practitioners to become activists. As a Human Rights Lawyer by training, she has always wanted to contribute to other’s voices being heard. Therefore, with her classes, Laura hopes to not only support her students to come back into the present moment, but also to encourage them to use their voices and be the change.

Laura completed her Jivamukti Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training in 2020 in India with Rima Rabbath, Jules Febre and Martyna Eder and is currently attending the Apprenticeship Program with Clare Nicholls at Jivamukti Yoga Bern.

Her long-term goal is to build on her work experience in the field of international crimes and to continue to offer donation-based yoga classes with YOGA FOR CHANGE, a non-profit project, which she founded to support women’s empowerment, peacebuilding and international justice. Striving to make a difference, Laura would love to see how yoga could be a way to help those recovering from trauma.

Laura is immensely grateful to her teachers, especially Clare Nicholls, Yogeswari and Céline Ryf.