The AZAHAR scholarship fund provides more advanced training in Yoga and/or the Performing Arts for exceptionally talented and dedicated young people who have graduated from AZAHAR training programs locally. They must demonstrate discipline, professionalism, a keen interest in using the skills acquired in the interest of peace activism and upliftment of society and a commitment to work with AZAHAR for a minimum of 5 years. Until now scholarships have been provided in partnership with Jivamukti Yoga Global (based in New York) for the International 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and with Radika NGO (based in Barcelona) for a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training.

AZAHAR is planning to expand its Scholarship Fund to a diversity of yoga methods and to the performing arts.

So far, yoga teachers from Cambodia, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Syria, Lebanon and Colombia have been sponsored for these trainings.