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Abdoul Mujyambere is a Rwandan Visual and Performing Artist based and working in Kigali. 

In 2010, Abdoul was admitted to the National University of Rwanda to study Arts and Languages where he discovered his passion for movement and became a member of a student contemporary dance Company.  

Abdoul Mujyambere has trained in various movement art forms such as: Contemporary Dance, Yoga, Capoeira and Theater in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, United States and Senegal with different certificates and a three year Diploma in Contemporary and African Traditional Dance techniques. In both 2016 and 2020 Abdoul Mujyambere was selected as an emerging African Young Choreographer to participate in PARTS and the Ecole des Sables Training with the collaboration in Senegal, where he got a chance to meet and exchange with internationally renowned choreographers such as Patrick Acogny, Faustin Linyenkula, Francesco Scavetta, Ise An Verstegen, Qudus Onikeku, Nadia Beugre, Ogutu Muraya and Ntone Edjabe among others.

Since 2014, Abdoul Mujyambere has been engaged in developing his own work. He has since directed and choreographed various works including Face-Off  (2014), Rencontre (2016), Flashes(2016), The Memoire(2017),and The Videotape (2017). Abdoul Mujyambere also has recently won two international grants from the African Culture Fund and Africalia for his two new works Blues and Kigali on the Horizon,both inspired by the chaotic experiences we are currently living as black Africans in the Covid-19 year of 2020.

As a Visual Artist Abdoul Mujyambere’s work focuses on different themes varying from identity, beauty and human social interaction among others. Since 2015 he’s been engaged more and more in promoting Art through photography and film. His recent work includes Body Memories (2018)The Last Night (2018)A Letter to Cecilia (2018), Tana Love (2019), Diego Angels (2019) Chagos (2019) and Urumuri(2018), which was selected and screened in New York African Film Festival and in many other film platforms. KIGALI on the Horizon (2020) and Focus (2020) are his most recent works.

Abdoul Mujyambere believes in the power of the art as a way of positive social change for humanity.