Yoga Teacher

Nith has practiced Yoga since 2015. His practice encompasses different methods, such as Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Fly Fit. He completed a 200-hour Teacher Training by Yoga Soul Body Fit that was sponsored by AZAHAR Foundation and is acknowledged by the UK Yoga Alliance. Through practicing, learning and teaching in the last few years, he is really grateful and delighted to know Yoga and the AZAHAR Foundation, as he could engage the global community such as the UNESCO Youth and Sport Task Force and other networks. Yoga has made a huge impact on his life. Therefore, he intends to share how this inspiration can positively impact and motivate youth in his community, so they know to participate in creating a better and more peaceful environment. Attend his classes, and you will understand more about your amazing body and your beautiful mind. Nith’s classes are challenging and emphasize how to keep your body safe.