Ponuleu CHAB

Junior Yoga Teacher

Since 2018 Ponleu started to learn and understand about Yoga and its benefits. At the beginning, he was having difficulty integrating the practice while also needing to focus on a full time job and was sometimes feeling like Yoga was a waste of time. However, he began to realize that his thinking was wrong. He just needed to take time to understand the depth of the meaning and be patient to keep practicing it. Now, when he compares himself to before, there is so much difference. At the same time he saw and obtained a lot of benefit from it. Furthermore, based on his experience, he applies the Yoga practice to reflect on his daily life and all the situations that have occurred. Hence, he says: “Yoga has really affected our communication and has provided the best solutions to face and solve any problems. Therefore, it is important to apply the good message and to understand that Yoga is not only posture or asana.  Yoga is what you do with your awareness, consciousness, calmness and peacefulness. You know yourself that you are ready to do it without being interrupted by anybody around you”. 

Lastly, the reason why he would like to keep practicing and sharing Yoga to the students or people in society is that it makes him so happy to see their smiles and their peaceful faces from the beginning to the end of the classes.