Rathy KHUN

IT & Design officer

Completed a 200-hour Teacher Training by Yoga Soul Body Fit that was sponsored by AZAHAR Foundation and is acknowledged by the UK Yoga Alliance. She then followed a 38-hour Teacher Training course in Fly Fit Yoga and is holding an IT & Design position at AZAHAR in Phnom Penh. When she was 13 years old, she took her first wonderful Yoga class at an orphanage center with Yogeswari, founder of AZAHAR Foundation. Supported by Yogeswari, she then practiced Yoga every weekend for 3 years at a Yoga center in Phnom Penh. She started to practice again when she joined the Peace Curriculum Program of AZAHAR Foundation in 2015. She can teach you how to Master many asanas by sharpening your awareness. In the process, your mind will also become peaceful. Namasté!