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(2007 – present)

2 Centers for Peace, Yoga & Arts

1 Vegan Restaurants

12 F/T employees

xxx Freelance teachers


Cambodians are the proud descendants of the highly sophisticated Khmer Empire, which comprised all of today’s Cambodia, as well as much of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Centuries of war, violence and colonization, culminating with the Nixon/Kissinger administration’s Operation Breakfast to Dessert and the subsequent genocide of the Khmer Rouge, have left the country virtually decapitated….


some stats; 32% of children are stunted in their development, due to malnutrition, lack of healthcare and education.


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(2016 – present)

5 teachers teaching yoga in 4 NGOs


Ivory Coast

(2017- 2019, presently on hold)

1 teacher teaching yoga to young people from informal settlements on the beach


Syria / Refugees 

(2018-2019, presently on hold)

1 teacher teaching Syrian refugees


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